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The TDR Tuberculosis Specimen Bank: a resource for diagnostic test developers

UNCF, UNDP, WB, WHO TDR, FIND, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - Download [Link]

Tuberculosis Specimen Bank

TDR/WHO - The TDR TB Specimen Bank contains samples from symptomatic respiratory patients with and without TB, from different areas of the world. Aliquots of sputum, serum, saliva and urine are frozen on site, and maintained at a central distribution site at -70 °C. Each sample is linked to detailed clinical and microbiological information. A final diagnosis is assigned according to a standardized classification scheme - Download [Link]

Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Mutation Database

TBDReaMDB - A comprehensive list of the genetic polymorphisms associated with first and second line drug resistance in clinical M. tuberculosis isolates throughout the world - Download [Link]

Tuberculosis Database: An Integrated Platform for Tuberculosis Research

Stanford Microarray Database & Broad Institute - The current release of TBDB houses genome sequence data and annotations for 28+ different Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains and related bacteria. TBDB stores pre- and post-publication gene-expression data from M. tuberculosis and its close relatives. TBDB currently hosts data for nearly 1500 public tuberculosis microarrays - Download [Link]