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Guideline Development

Clinical Practice Guidelines We Can Trust:

Committee on Standards for Developing Trustworthy Clinical Practice Guidelines - Download [Link]

The GRADE Approach To Grading the Quality of Evidence and the Strength of Recommendations

The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE ) approach provides a system for rating quality of evidence and strength of recommendations that is explicit, comprehensive, transparent, and pragmatic and is increasingly being adopted by organisations worldwide - Download [Link]

The GRADE Approach for Quality of Evidence and Strength of Recommendations for Diagnostic Tests and Strategies

- Download [Link]

WHO Process for New Policies on TB Diagnostics

Moving research findings into new WHO policies: This document outlines the process that WHO utilizes to move research evidence into policies for TB diagnosis and control - Download [Link]

WHO Handbook for Guideline Development

World Health Organization, 2008 - Download [Link]