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Books, Monographs and Reports

Prizes for Global Health Technologies

Results for Development Institute 2011 - Download [Link]

The Global Plan to Stop TB 2011-2015: Transforming the Fight-Towards Elimination of Tuberculosis

WHO, Stop TB Partnership 2010 - Download [Link]

Guidance for development of national laboratory strategic plans - Helping to expand sustainable quality testing to improve the care and treatment of people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria

WHO, WHO Regional Office for Africa, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Association of Public Health Laboratories 2010 - Download [Link]

The Diagnostics Innovation Map - Medical Diagnostics for the Unmet Needs of the Developing World

BIO Ventures for Global Health 2010 - Download [Link]

A Roadmap for Ensuring Quality Tuberculosis Diagnostics Services within National Laboratory Strategic Plans

The Global Laboratory Initiative 2010 - Download [Link]

New laboratory diagnostic tools for tuberculosis control

World Health Organization 2008 - Download [Link]

Diagnostics for Tuberculosis: Global Demand and Market Potential

World Health Organization's Special Programme for Tropical Diseases Research (WHO/TDR), in collaboration with the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) 2006 - Download [Link]

Diagnostics Evaluation Series No. 2 - Laboratory-based evaluation of 19 commercially available rapid diagnostic tests for tuberculosis

World Health Organization's Special Programme for Tropical Diseases Research (WHO/TDR) 2008 - Download [Link]

Joint TDR/EC expert consultation report on biomarkers in tuberculosis

World Health Organization's Special Programme for Tropical Diseases Research (WHO/TDR) 2008 - Download [Link]

Improving the diagnosis and treatment of smear-negative pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis among adults and adolescents : recommendations for HIV-prevalent and resource-constrained settings

World Health Organization 2007 - Download [Link]

International Standards for TB Care

TBCTA 2006 - Download [Link]

Priorities for tuberculosis bacteriology services in low-income countries

IUATLD 2007 - Download [Link]

Diagnostic Atlas of Intrathoracic Tuberculosis in Children

IUATLD 2003 - Download [Link]

Technical Guide: Sputum Examination for Tuberculosis by Direct Microscopy in Low Income Countries

IUATLD 2000 - Download [Link]

Quality Smear Preparation for AFB

RIT, JATA 2005 - Download [Link]

New Technologies for TB Control: A Framework for their Adoption, Introduction and Implementation

Stop TB Partnership & WHO 2007 - Download [Link]

Generic protocol for tuberculin skin test surveys

KNCV 2007 - Download [Link]

Radiographic Manifestations of Tuberculosis: A Primer for Clinicians, Second Edition

Francis J. Curry National Tuberculosis Center 2006 - Download [Link]

Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Drug Sensitivity Testing

MSF 2006 - Download [Link]

HTA Review of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for the Detection of Tuberculosis

HTA, UK - Download [Link]

Global health diagnostics: research, development and regulation

The Academy of Medical Sciences, UK - Download [Link]

Engaging Stakeholders For Retooling TB Control

Retooling Task Force, Stop TB and WHO - Download [Link]

HIV testing for life. HIV testing for all tuberculosis patients

TB/HIV Research Foundation, Thailand and RIT/JATA - Download [Link]

Making the most of poor diagnostics : increasing access to tuberculosis treatment through optimized smear microscopy services

Universiteit Van Amsterdam - Download [Link]