Upcoming Meetings:

Workshop on TB and HIV Diagnostics in Adult and Pediatric Populations

28-30 June 2011. Washington, DC.

Advanced Tuberculosis Diagnostic Research Course

5-8 July 2011. Montréal, Canada. Website [Link]

Recent meetings:

International Symposium on: TB Diagnostics: Innovating to Make an Impact

16-17 December 2010. New Delhi, India. [Link]

Tubeculosis Diagnostic Research: Beyond the Basics - An intensive course on TB diagnostic research methods - from basics to advanced techniques

13-15 December 2010. Chennai, India. Website [Link]

Working Group on New TB Diagnostics Annual Meeting

11 November 2010. Berlin, Germany. [Link]

Held in Conjunction with:

41st Union World Conference on Lung Health

11-15 November 2010. Berlin, Germany. Website [Link]

40th Union World Conference on Lung Health

3-7 December 2009. Cancún, Mexico. Website [Link]

2nd FIND Scientific Forum

4 December 2009. Cancun, Mexico. Website [Link]

Annual Meeting of the Stop TB New Diagnostics Working Group

3 December 2009. Cancun, Mexico. Website [Link]

ATS Conference

14-19 May 2010. New Orleans, USA. Website [Link]

IDSA Annual Meeting

21-24 October 2010. Vancouver, Canada. Website [Link]