About Us

Stop TB Partnership

The Stop TB Partnership, called the Stop TB Initiative at the time of its inception, was established in 1998. Its aim is to realize the goal of eliminating TB as a public health problem and, ultimately, to obtain a world free of TB. It comprises a network of international organizations, countries, donors from the public and private sectors, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and individuals that have expressed an interest in working together to achieve this goal.

New Diagnostic Working Group (NDWG)

The Stop TB Partnership's New Diagnostics Working Group (NDWG) was established in 2001 as one of the core working groups within the Partnership. The NDWG contributes in a major way by coordinating and facilitating the development, evaluation and implementation of new and improved TB diagnostics in a scientifically acceptable, evidence-based, and timely manner by linking all stakeholders involved in the diagnostics development and evaluation pathway. The mission of the NDWG is to advocate and implement research and/or operational activities in pursuit of the development and implementation of TB diagnostic tools and to collaborate with other elements of the Partnership so as to create synergy and add value to actions taken in pursuit of the aims of the Partnership.

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